Carol Marinelli,Miranda Lee,Meredith Webber,Amy Andrews,Nikki Logan,Michelle Douglas,Lucy Clark,Emily Forbes,Kandy Shepherd,Avril Tremayne

The Australian Affairs Collection

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{"strong"=>["Discover red-hot Australian heroes with eighteen sizzling stories from Mills & Boon!"]}
{"strong"=>["• Taken Over by the Billionaire by Miranda Lee"]}
{"strong"=>["• An Unlikely Bride for the Billionaire by Michelle Douglas"]}
{"strong"=>["• Hired by the Brooding Billionaire by Kandy Shepherd"]}
{"strong"=>["• Bound by the Unborn Baby by Bella Bucannon"]}
{"strong"=>["• Her Knight in the Outback by Nikki Logan"]}
{"strong"=>["• One Baby Step at a Time by Meredith Webber"]}
{"strong"=>["• Tempted by Dr. Morales by Carol Marinelli"]}
{"strong"=>["• It Happened One Night Shift by Amy Andrews"]}
{"strong"=>["• From Fling to Forever by Avril Tremayne"]}
{"strong"=>["• The Accidental Romeo by Carol Marinelli"]}
{"strong"=>["• Breaking the Playboy's Rules by Emily Forbes"]}
{"strong"=>["• The Return of Her Past by Lindsay Armstrong"]}
{"strong"=>["• Second Chance with Her Soldier by Barbara Hannay"]}
{"strong"=>["• The Firefighter to Heal Her Heart by Annie O’Neil"]}
{"strong"=>["• Wedding at Sunday Creek by Leah Martyn"]}
{"strong"=>["• Dr Chandler's Sleeping Beauty by Melanie Milburne"]}
{"strong"=>["• Countering His Claim by Rachel Bailey"]}
{"strong"=>["• Australia's Maverick Millionaire by Margaret Way"]}
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