Houston Cei

Danica's Erotic Sorcery 2

The sexy benevolent witch,
Danica is still casting spells. Using her magical powers to transform into a barely legal girl, Danica will be able to help those older men knocking on her
door. Could a chance encounter with a female friend spark the sensual bisexual
romance she’s been hoping for? In this erotic tale, what forbidden and taboo
acts will Danica’s aphrodisiac unlock this time?

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~
“First of all, tell me what
you remember about the place Dad took you to,” Karen said.
“Now that you mentioned, I don’t remember a whole lot. We went to an eerie looking Victorian house, where
I met a woman named Danica. We drank tea and talked about how shameful I felt,
and she said something about helping me with my discharge,” he recounted.
“Then, I think I fell asleep, had some weird dreams and then woke up. That’s
about all I remember.”
“Was there something unusual
about her appearance?”  Karen asked.
“Yeah, now that you mentioned
it, she looked kinda witchy, but very pretty.”
“That’s right dear brother,
and as time goes by, you may remember more. The same thing happened to Dad and now he remembers, and he is so grateful for her help that he is not about to blab to everyone about her powers. Can you imagine how many people from who knows where would be coming here to Los Banos just to get a glimpse of her?  And then go on whining about all their problems and every little thing?” Karen said and as she could see that
her brother looked totally confused she continued, “Here’s the deal:  a lot of people in town and even in other
towns think she is a witch, and for the most part it is only talk but this
family is certain of it.”  Karen
proceeded to tell of how their mother was having an affair; her father was impotent and was worried about losing her so he disparately went to Danica for help. “We now believe that she can cast a spell for anything and that her tea
is an aphrodisiac.”
Ronnie’s face expressed
disbelief but in his heart, he could not believe that his sister would make
something up, and besides that, it seemed to make sense. Karen continued with
her narrative about how it appeared that Danica’s spell and her tea generated
in their father an incredible sexual urge and when he came home to find that
his daughter was alone and his wife was not there, he made a sexual advance on his daughter.
“Well, dear brother, I was
frightened by his advances but I didn’t want him to be guilty of forcing me, so I reluctantly gave in.”  She paused for a few seconds to add, “He’s been such a wonderful father to us all our lives and a hard working provider, and I just did not want him to be a guilty of a crime.
Anyway, before long, I was enjoying myself and moving right along with him.
“The next day I owned up to
it with Mom and as you might expect, she was shocked at first but I then raised
the question, ‘Is incest any worse than adultery?’ We talked about it for a while and from there, we set the stage for a threesome. Yes, my dear brother, I have had sex together with both Mom and Dad at the same time and sometimes with
either one of them individually. I’m sure you remember what a slut I was in high school, but since Dad and Mom have been my lovers, I’ve had sex with no one else. Ronnie, Dad is a fabulous lover!
So you see, Danica cured Dad of impotence and apparently she has rid you
of the shame that was haunting you. I know you’re a stud, but look at you
“Sis, that is an incredible
story, and I’m inclined to believe you, but where do I fit in now?” he asked.
are an important part of the family and you will fit in just fine,” she responded.
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