Katie King

The Evacuee Summer

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‘A heartwarming read’ My Weekly
‘A delightful, nostalgic read’ Woman Magazine
Far from home, an adventure they’ll never forget…
{"strong"=>["June 1940. Evacuee twins Connie and Jessie are reminded every day of the differences between a Yorkshire summer and what they had previously known in London’s Bermondsey."]}
Life at Tall Trees vicarage, Harrogate, is full of adventure, with the arrival of a mischievous pony called Milburn who soon sets about showing who’s boss.
But Auntie Peggy is bracing herself for bad news — since the birth of their beautiful baby Holly, something has been very wrong between her and husband Bill and an unexpected visitor soon makes clear exactly what that is…
{"em"=>["In this heartwarming tale of evacuees far from home, Katie King returns with a novel full of nostalgia and delight."]}
{"strong"=>["What readers are saying about Katie King:"]}
'Can't wait for another book, lovely characters and storyline.'
'Five Stars'
'Loved it'
'A lovely story with strong characters that I loved from start to finish.'
'I am looking forward to more books in this series.'
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