Victoria Alexander

The Shocking Secret of a Guest at the Wedding (Millworth Manor)

The bride and groom cordially request your presence for a wedding at Millworth Manor. . .
Guests will include Jackson Quincy Graham Channing, New York City banker, and Lady Theodosia “Teddy” Winslow, wedding planner to the finest families in England.
Introductions shall be followed by light conversation, dancing, flirtation, arguing, reconciliation, and an impulsive kiss that both parties are quite certain they will never repeat.
Until they do.
A mutually beneficial fake engagement will be accompanied by all manner of very real complications, scandalous revelations, nefarious schemes, and one inescapable conclusion:
That true love--unlike the perfect wedding--is impossible to plan. . .
Praise for Victoria Alexander
“Sparkling dialogue and endearing characters make this an enthralling read.” --Sabrina Jeffries
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