Ryan Williams

Crunch Bang

The secrets to the Crunch Bang drive lay in the remnants of the Big Bang—there for any species to discover.

Many years after humanity joined the galactic civilization of space-faring species, starship cruise liners take the wealthy and the humble to the greatest sights and places in the galaxy. From the ruins of the T’Kon civilization to the azure seas of Ceti Alpha 5 and every other place Cantorians exult in song. Which means everywhere, even places that anyone with an ounce of sense would stay away from.

A starliner means passengers, and passengers love to eat and drink. Mostly. Which means that they excrete waste and it’s Chrystal Eagle’s job as First Technician on the Elegant Slipstream to manage the entire complex system. The greatest gig in the galaxy—except for the passengers.

Crunch Bang collects the three stories that launched the Crunch Bang universe: “The Greatest Gig,” “Love, [unpronounceable],” and “Shore Leave.” Also includes an excerpt of the full-length novel Stowaway to Eternity set in the same universe.

Buckle up and take the plunge!
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