J.L. Jarvis

The Holiday Hideaway

When her Christmas cheer meets his Christmas sneer, the resulting sparks rival her lighting display.

Unemployed artist Chloe Burke has just finished a temp job when a letter arrives from a lawyer. Her estranged great-aunt Eleanor has died and left Chloe a secluded mountain cabin and a modest inheritance. While this is a perfect opportunity to realize her dream of building a business around her painting, she wonders what prompted the gift. An unabashed Christmas enthusiast, Chloe hurries to move in and hang Christmas lights before the first winter snow.

Luke Abbot has no regrets, but he would rather keep hidden the troubling truth about his line of work. He has found contentment in his solitary mountain retreat. But his peaceful existence is shaken when a new neighbor arrives. Chloe’s exuberant holiday spirit is like crisp winter air. He would rather come in from the cold. But the sparkle and shimmer of Chloe’s holiday lights are hard to ignore. So is Chloe.
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