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Extended Summary Of The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People – Based On The Book By Stephen Covey

Extended Summary Of The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People — Based On The Book By Stephen Covey

Do you need to be more effective in your life?

Do you live your day to day anxious and desperate to achieve goals that are never reached?

Do you feel condemned to mediocrity?

Is your emotional life not working?

Change your habits. Start acting like the highly effective people in the world do.

Your lifestyle determines your effectiveness and your success. Habits weave your destiny. In this work, its author has synthesized the seven habits that successful and efficient people have adopted. These habits are based on character principles and personal ethics. They’re applicable both in personal life and family as well as in the workplace.

These are valuable ideas that will help you stop failing, get out of mediocrity and become a highly effective person too.

What Will You Learn?

You’ll positively change your lifestyle and the way you face each day.

You’ll recognize the principles that will allow you to reach a high level in everything you undertake.

You’ll know practical and necessary tools to organize your life to be highly effective.

You’ll understand that there’s nothing wrong with you, and that the results you get are the product of your habits.

You’ll get used to proactivity, positive thinking, listening to others, analyzing situations and creating the right solutions.

You’ll achieve independence and self-control and you’ll feel really powerful.


Chapter 01: Why Is It Important To Change Paradigms To Be Successful?

Chapter 02: What Is The Difference Between Proactive And Reactive People?

Chapter 03: How To Set Useful Objectives?

Chapter 04: How Should We Organize Priorities?

Chapter 05: Why Is Asertivity Essential To Relate To Others?

Chapter 06: How Can We Communicate Effectively With Others?

Chapter 0 7: How To Use Synergy To Work In A Team?

Chapter 08: Why Should We “Sharpen Our Saw”?

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Books are mentors. Books can guide what we do and our lives. Many of us love books while reading them and maybe they will echo with us a few weeks after but 2 years later we can’t remember if we have read it or not. And that’s a shame. We remember that at that time, the book meant a lot to us. Why is it that 2 years later we have forgotten everything? That’s not good.

This summary is taken from the most important themes of the original book.

Most people don’t like books. People just want to know what the book says they have to do. If you trust the source you don’t need the arguments. So much of a book is arguing its points, but often you don’t need the argument if you trust the source you can just get the point.

This summary takes the effort to distill the blahs into themes for the people who are just not going to read the whole book. All this information is in the original book.
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