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Diane Gaston

A Lady Becomes A Governess

A most unlikely governess…
…with a shocking secret
Part of The Governess Swap: Lady Rebecca Pierce escapes her forced betrothal when the ship she’s on wrecks. Assuming the identity of a governess she believes has drowned, she enters the employ of brooding Lord Brookmore, who’s selflessly caring for his orphaned nieces. Inconveniently, she’s extremely attracted to the viscount, with her only chance of happiness tied to the biggest risk: revealing the truth about who she really is…
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    ‘I learned that no vase or any item was worth so much as to deserve a whipping or even as big a scolding as I received.’ He looked from Ellen to Pamela. ‘Accidents can happen, but I know I can trust both of you to be careful, now you know what can happen.’
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    He turned his horse to amble next to hers. ‘We call the valleys dales. The mountains with grazing land are fells and the lakes are waters or meres. Several of our words like these are from the Vikings who once settled here.’

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