Kathy Hudson Hudson

Wholesome Sustainable Plant Based China Study Diet : 140 + Fine Recipes for Healthy Weight Maintenance

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CHINA STUDY DIET is a Menu Makeover for a long-lasting changes to your health. Eating whole foods, at least 90% from plant-based sources and active lifestyles lowers the risk of contracting heart disease, cancer, and a host of other lifestyle illnesses and ultimately result in healthy weight. The plant-based recipes here contain no added fat and little or no added salt, there is also minimal use of sweetening agents which makes them far healthier than the animal-based foods which are the main culprits of various western diseases.. The CHINA STUDY DIET composed primarily of rice and other grains, vegetables, and legumes, such as soy products- it is not just a weight loss diet but a total physical and emotional healing, nutrition-focused program. Switch to whole foods, plant-based diet & enjoy optimum health.
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