John Lawson

Last Burn in Hell

The bizarro prison sex horror road trip exploding with alien invasion action!

Kenrick Brimley, the state prison's official gigolo, hangs over a lava pit on trial for his life in a strange land. He will reveal the course of his life one misguided step at a time for his captors. From his romance with serial arsonist Leena Manasseh to his lurid angst-affair with a lesbian music diva, from his ascendance as unlikely pop icon to otherworldly encounters, the one constant truth is that he's got no clue what he's doing. As unrelenting as it is original, Last Burn in Hell is John Edward Lawson at his most scorching intensity, serving up sexy satire and postmodern pulp with his trademark day-glow prose.

The Director's Cut edition includes:

*Deleted scenes

*Alternate ending

*Photo stills

*Remastering for more enjoyable viewing

*And more!

The critics agree:

«Last Burn in Hell is an exceptional creature as far as books go…Lawson is an exception to the business of comparison in that his voice is a worthwhile addition to the chorus of authors following the trend most prominently presented in Palahniuk's body of work. An earnest, but wry honesty in writing, exploring the paradoxes of our contemporary American society.»
—Scott Lefebvre for Icons of Fright
«I like writers who say things that you're not supposed to say, and Lawson’s fiction is exhilarating in its anarchic rebelliousness—obscene, crude, sacrilegious, and explosively intelligent.»

«From hereon forth, I will not be able to bring up Vonnegut without speaking of Lawson. John Edward Lawson could contest the throne that Chuck Palahniuk sits upon with the masses of college students looking for something different, a voice of the counter-culture.»

«John Edward Lawson is very much a man of ideas (one need only read his poetry to understand that), and Last Burn in Hell: Director's Cut shows that not only is he constantly coming up with new ones, but he is also unlikely to run out of them anytime soon…it would very likely appeal to fans of The World According to Garp, and it deserves that large and diverse audience.»
—Somebody Dies
«In Last Burn in Hell, John Edward Lawson takes us on an insane trip where predicting what happens next is virtually impossible. This book draws the reader in right from the beginning and continues to be laugh-out-loud funny and nightmarishly scary to the very end… It ranks right up there with other bizarro cult classics like Satan Burger.»
—The Swallow's Tail

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