Vivian Gornick

Unfinished Business

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I sometimes think I was born reading … I can't remember the time when I didn't have a book in my hands, my head lost to the world around me.

A celebration of passionate reading from the acclaimed author and critic

In nine stunning essays, the inimitable Vivian Gornick returns to the books that have shaped her. From a reporter in 1970s New York, to a feminist negotiating love and independence, to a writer in the jubilant sanctity of older age: Gornick’s life is compelling, and in the characters of literature she finds versions of herself through the years, each time she opens the page.

Gornick finds solace in the contradictory figures of D.H. Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers, assesses womanhood in Colette, and reflects on Marguerite Duras’s The Lover; she revisits Great War novels by J.L. Carr and Pat Barker, uncovers the psychological complexity in Elizabeth Bowen, and soaks in Natalia Ginzberg, ‘whose work … made me love life more’. When two erratic, highly strung cats enter her life, she discovers Doris Lessing’s Particularly Cats.

Infused with Gornick’s trademark verve and insight, this collection is a masterful appreciation of literature and its ability to illuminate.

‘Literature knows few champions as ardent or insightful — or as uncompromising — which is to readers’ good fortune.’ —Kirkus
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    Natalya Nekrasovacompartió una citael mes pasado
    Great literature, I thought then and think now, is a record not of the achievement of wholeness of being but of the ingrained effort made on its behalf.
    Natalya Nekrasovacompartió una citael mes pasado
    I also saw that invariably what made the work of a good book affecting—and this was something implicit in the writing, trapped somewhere in the nerves of the prose—was some haunted imagining (as though coming from the primeval unconscious) of human existence with the rift healed, the parts brought together, the hunger for connection put in brilliant working order.
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