Laura Lovecraft


Abigail Lefay, owner of the infamous fetish club, The Black Flame, is much more than just an eccentric occultist. She’s a powerful witch with a violent past.

When the Chicago Mafia violates a truce with her coven, Abigail must leave her self-imposed sanctuary to teach them they’re not the only family whoshould be feared. To save four innocent girls from violent rape and a life of slavery, she must incite…a Blood War!

~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~

Jimmy’s mouth and jaw were bruised and badly swollen, and his left eye was swollen shut. But the adrenaline rush of revenge and his love of fire had him feeling just fine. He was going to roast those bastards alive and make those little bitches watch, then take his excitement out on them.

Further down the hallway, two of the overhead lights suddenly exploded. Sparks showered down to the floor, and that part of the corridor plunged into darkness.

“They’re shooting out the lights,” one man whispered.

“I didn’t hear any…” Marco trailed off when two more bulbs blew out. Instantly they all edged closer to the walls and crouched, aiming their pistols at the encroaching darkness.

More sparks flew, and this time Bellino glimpsed movement just beyond the shadows.

“Now!” Marco barked, and each man squeezed off several shots.

Wood splintered…but Bellino frowned when three bullets burst into flame with a popping sound, as if they’d exploded without hitting anything.

A shape suddenly emerged from the shadows. Marco aimed his gun, then stared in surprise.

“What the hell?” Jake demanded as the crow hopped into the light. It screeched at them, and spread its wings as if challenging them.

“Bye bye, birdie!” Marco laughed, and squeezed the trigger.

The bird squawked again, and excitedly flapped its wings. Each round exploded before reaching it. Bellino narrowed his good eye, refusing to believe what he’d just seen, and realized the air in front of them was shimmering. The crow made a noise he swore sounded like a mocking laugh.

“Wanna play with fire?” he snarled, and aimed his gun, preparing to hose it down with flame.

He stopped when a tall, black-cloaked figure emerged from the shadows behind it. The cloak’s hood was pulled low, hiding the face behind it. The person’s arms were folded, and both hands were tucked into the cloak’s wide sleeves.

Willie and Jake didn’t wait for orders; they quickly fired several more rounds. The figure raised both arms, and spread hands that were long-fingered and white as chalk. Every round exploded harmlessly without connecting, as if they’d struck an invisible wall.

“Fire with fire, bitch!” Bellino yelled. A thin stream of flame shot out from his modified pistol, and enveloped the woman. “Yes!” he bellowed triumphantly. “Burn, you fucking whore! Burn, you…”

Sudden chills rippled down his spine. The woman was completely engulfed in flames, but she wasn’t screaming…she wasn’t even moving! Quickly he sprayed more fire, and the flames burned brighter. Then they vanished as if a switch had been thrown.

“Mother of God,” Marco whispered.

The robe had burned away. The woman underneath was wearing a long black skirt that covered her ankles, but when she stepped forward, Bellino saw it was slit up to the hip on both sides, exposing high boots and thighs as white as her hands. Her top was a black and blue corset laced tightly to showcase large milk-white breasts. Her bare arms were covered from shoulders to elbows with demonic tattoos. A wild mass of blue-streaked black hair covered her downturned face.

“I am the daughter of the devil.” Her raspy voice echoed from beneath her thick mass of hair. “And I’m here to collect my father’s due.”
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