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Summary of Wheat Belly

Summary of Wheat Belly by William Davis | Includes Analysis


In Wheat Belly, Dr. William Davis exposes the untruths of multiple health agencies that have been advising Americans to eat healthy whole grains for years. Davis explains that modern wheat is completely different from the wheat of the hunting and gathering days due to genetic manipulation that has been used to increase yield-per-acre and make wheat more resistant to harsh environmental factors. The protein strands of modern wheat are different than those in altered wheat and can be blamed for many difficult to diagnose conditions. Since no testing of genetically modified wheat was done on animals or humans, tracking the damaging effects it has on the human body has been difficult, but scientists and the medical community are beginning to take notice.

This renowned cardiologist has seen firsthand the damage that modern wheat can do to the human body. Through coaching, observation, and data collection, he has proven that eliminating wheat from the diet produces dramatic results…

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