Konstantin Serebrov

The Doctrine of Inner Light

The Doctrine of Inner Light is a small philosophical and meditative work on the subject of the inner life. The author describes his search for inner freedom by means of meditation. We become acquainted with the fascinating inner travels in the invisible metaphysical worlds, the growing awareness of the radiant nature of the human soul and the practice of the accumulation of inner gold, which brings primordial youth and beauty back to the soul. 
The book is illustrated with alchemical engravings, which represent all the stages of The Great Work up to its completion: the cultivation of the alchemical garden. These engravings might be the key to a deeper understanding of the meditations. 
The reader will also find a supplement with the description of the breathing technique of concentration on the inner light and some other breathing techniques.
Gouri Gozalov   
The Hague, July 2006
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Gouri Gozalov



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