Just Pretend

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Just pretend to be my fiancé for Christmas.

Sure. What could go wrong?
The richest man in this city is an Adonis in the flesh.
So damn gorgeous, he can stop my heart with a single glance.
But he also happens to be my sworn enemy.
From his designer suits to his pompous air,
Colin encompasses every quality I hate.
If only I could stop fantasizing about him…
His hands, caressing every inch of me.
His mouth, pressing against mine.
Ugh, let me stop myself there.
He’s the enemy. You don’t bang your enemies.
That is ’til I broke my cardinal rule, repeatedly.
Goodbye, virginity.
I fell into the “Just Pretend” trap with the most eligible bachelor in the country.
Oh, did I mention I’m now carrying his baby?
How did I let this happen?!
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