Gabriella Gillespie

A Father’s Betrayal

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    won’t be mentioning Ablah much more in my book, other than to say I love her very much.
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    for what she did for me that day.
    I knew I had to be more careful, so the next letter I threw for him I made different plans; he could hide the letters behind a huge rock that was behind our house and that he passed daily. I would hide mine beside the house next to a different stone that he also walked by daily, only I would no longer drop them in a matchbox, but in a chewing gum wrapping paper! The plan worked well and we carried on with that for about a week but then we decided we were going to try and meet up.
    Dad and Granddad had gone into town for the afternoon and were not due back until late that night. Earlier on that morning Dad had started up our water well in his field and we had filled up lots of barrels of water so that we could take all our clothes to the fields to wash that afternoon. Mana and I had arranged to meet at the fields that afternoon. He would keep a look out for us; once we had gone to the fields he would wait a few hours then follow. We could usually be at the fields all afternoon doing our washing and the well was about two miles away so nobody would see us.
    At first we were worried about telling Farouse, we trusted her to a certain extent but sometimes when she go
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    come to his senses
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    be sat on egg shell
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    blow dazed me a little; however I continued to fight. I managing to grab him and wrestle him to the floor where I
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