Annie Burrows,Sophia James,Marguerite Kaye

Gift-Wrapped Governesses

Christmas at Blackhaven Castle by Sophia James
In disguise, penniless Lady Seraphina Moreton seeks sanctuary at the Duke of Blackhaven's castle just days before Christmas. Trey swore never again to be beguiled by a beautiful face, but as governess Seraphina gets close to his unruly, motherless children, he wants the festive joy she brings to stay well beyond Christmas Day….
Governess to Christmas Bride by Annie Burrows
Lord Chepstow hasn't seen Honeysuckle Miller since she was a plain, awkward schoolgirl. Now she's not so plain and is looking after the host's children at a lavish Christmas house party. And the last thing Lord Chepstow expected to want on his Christmas list is the prim governess!
Duchess by Christmas by Marguerite Kaye
Masquerading as a governess to help the brooding Duke of Blairmore find a wife is not how Regan Stuart expected to spend Christmas! Then he steals an unexpected kiss, endangering Regan's heart…unless Gabriel can see beyond her dowdy costume and realize she's his perfect Christmas bride!
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    Regan greeted the dawn of Christmas Eve morning with mixed feelings. The rosy glow of
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