Janet Dailey

The Widow and the Wastrel

The New York Times–bestselling author proves that appearances can be deceiving in this irresistible Americana romance set in the Buckeye State.
Married at seventeen and widowed shortly thereafter, Elizabeth Carrel, known about town as “young widow Carrel,” barely even knew what it was like to be a wife. Most of her adult life has been on her own, caring for her daughter with the help of her high-society mother-in-law. She’s never even really missed having a man around—until the most unlikely of suitors awakens feelings she can’t ignore.
The last time Elizabeth saw Jed Carrel, her late husband’s brother, he seemed determine to break every tie with his proper, wealthy family through his crude and lazy behavior. But now that the prodigal son has returned, he seems different—kinder, more determined, much more appealing. Elizabeth knows she should keep her distance, but after so long alone, she’s finding his charms difficult to resist.
Janet Dailey has over 300 million books sold, and The Widow and the Wastrel is the perfect example of why. A brilliant blend of small-town charm and sophisticated romance, this Ohio-set love story is guaranteed to woo readers.
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