Bridgitte Lesley

My Lady Love

The dreaded B&B turned out to be far superior than expected! Mrs. Jeeves was hot, hot, hot!

Not your typical widow, Mrs. Jeeves had an enterprising B&B which was a little hub of happiness. Life is meant to live. She made sure she lived it!

Peter’s life was centered around work. It had been a long time since he had been home to see the family. The timing for his visit was right.

Claire couldn’t wait for Peter to visit. She had to twist his arm to stay at the B&B. She could sense he wasn’t really keen on the trip. Her father was suddenly a changed man soon after his arrival at the B&B. Claire was impressed.

Distance was a very big factor for Peter and Mrs. Jeeves. Following his first visit they became friends. They grew closer as they communicated. Peter had to make a decision though. He had fallen head over heels in love. Visits were no longer enough. He had to make things permanent.

When he stepped out of the car on his last visit the decision was made!
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