Cathy Williams

The Wedding Night Debt: Christmas at the Castello (bonus novella)

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She owes him a wedding night…and he will collect! Billionaire Dio Ruiz’s convenient union was meant to secure two things: vengeance and the enticing Lucy Bishop. But from their wedding night onwards Dio’s found his marriage bed inconveniently empty. Two years later, his virgin bride wants a divorce. But freedom has a price… Hurt and humiliated to learn their vows were just a business transaction to Dio, Lucy has played the perfect wife in public, while their cold war waged in private. She wants to walk away—not bow to his command! Can she pay Dio’s price and survive ten days as true husband and wife?
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    UCY HAD HAD better nights.

    Spend her time contemplating the consequences? The cool, dismissive way he had said that, looking at her as if he had complete authority over her decisions, had set her teeth on edge.

    Their sham of a marriage had worked well for him. She knew that. Her father had tol

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