Sue Pelletier

Collage, Paint, Draw

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Collage, paint and draw to explore a new side of mixed-media art and go off the beaten path!
Celebrate the day-to-day journey of life as you create imaginative mixed-media projects. In Collage, Paint Draw, you will learn how to use heart-felt images as a starting point to jump into the world of mixed-media art, materials and techniques. Using symbols such as the heart, the home, a child's toy, and a vintage dress, you'll learn to try something (everything!) new. You'll learn how to use tools and materials in both traditional and creative ways and to make art that comes from the heart.
Paint what you love & love what you paint! More than 30 techniques including drawing, painting, adding texture and more More than 40 diverse materials featured, from the everyday (pencils, paint, gel and texture mediums) to the unique (hardware store tapes and texture additive for paint, twine, wire and more) More than 30 mixed-media projects with simple, meaningful motifs
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