Michael Mirdad

Introduction to Tantra and Sacred Sexuality

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Sex still sells! But why? Because it's a subject that is repressed, ignored, abused, and even un-used-all by a race of people who are trying to understand their sexuality and how to use this most sacred encounter as a means of deepening intimacy and connection. In fact, a lack of healthy sexual knowledge and expression may very well be the primary issue behind failed relationships. A new book by world-renowned spiritual teacher, healer, and author Michael Mirdad, An Introduction to Tantra and Sacred Sexuality, reassures readers that despite the rising number of relationship breakups and increase in issues around intimacy, there are ways to solve these dilemmas and return sexuality to its rightful place as a means of expressing love. A growing number of people are seeking a solution to their intimacy issues and have turned to books and seminars on relationships only to find them lacking a thorough comprehension and/or coverage of the topic of intimacy. Some counselors and teachers even treat intimacy as a taboo subject, as if to fear treading on cursed grounds. Nevertheless, the public is refusing to be turned away. They want to know more about how to capture (or re-capture) intimacy, passion, and a greater sense of sacredness in their sexual experience. This new book, which blends several ancient and modern concepts of sacred sexuality, covers these topics like no other. Even the most respected teachers of Tantra, Taoist Sexuality, and modern Sex Therapy are praising this book as one of the most profound and important books on the subject.
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    In Hindu mythology, Shiva (man) needs Shakti (woman) to give him form, and Shakti (woman) needs Shiva (man) to give her consciousness. He can teach her wonderful things, but she can always humble him by reminding him of his limits. In this sense, the two are necessary to achieve the perfect universal dance of life.
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    The Kama Sutra was written by a noble man who viewed life as consisting of dharma (spiritual substance), artha (financial substance), and kama (sensual substance).
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    There are three other types of orgasm that bridge the seemingly irreconcilable differences between peak and valley orgasms. These bridges are the energetic orgasm, the emotional orgasm, and the mental orgasm.

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