Pieter Hintjens

Culture & Empire: Digital Revolution

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The whole planet is getting connected, and building vast new communities. Billions of us, on line, all the time. Our on-line world thinks faster, and thinks different. Smart, fast, and creative, our new communities are a real challenge to old power and old money. And old money, after its War on Drugs, and War on Terror, is now launching its War on the Internet. What is going on, and where will this lead us? Pieter Hintjens, campaigner, writer, and programmer, tells all in this vast story of Culture & Empire: Digital Revolution.
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    Alexeycompartió una citahace 7 años
    Freedom is being able to do interesting things with other people
    Alexeycompartió una citahace 7 años
    Without the freedom to do interesting things with other people, we are reduced to slavery.
    Alexeycompartió una citahace 7 años
    A language is like a social credit card, and a pragmatic person learns as many languages as he or she can afford. One should never belong to a language

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