Carol Marinelli,Joss Wood,Louise Fuller,Andie Brock

Modern Romance July 2015 Books 5–8

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Standing outside Luka Cavalieri’s gleaming office, Sophie Durante’s heart is pounding. Eight years ago being caught in the Sicilian tycoon’s bed destroyed her pride and her reputation. He owes her, and now she’s come to collect. To placate her ailing father, Luka must become her fake fiancé!
Intrigued, Luka agrees to Sophie’s outrageous proposal — one glimpse of the feisty spirit simmering behind her cool exterior and he believes this engagement charade could be pleasurable. But a wedding night is out of the question…until he can entice Sophie to admit just how much she wants one!
VOWS MADE IN SECRET by Louise Fuller
Art expert Prudence Elliot is shocked when a new job brings her face-to-face with Laszlo de Zsadany — the irresistible enigma who blazed through her life like a comet, leaving only her shattered heart in his wake.
Even more shocking, not only is Laszlo a secret millionaire, but their youthful pledging of love was legally binding — he’s her husband!
Prudence is an addiction that Laszlo cannot fight, but surely the heat between them will quickly burn out? Except soon he’s forced to admit that his craving for his wife is blazing out of control…!
Newly crowned Sheikh Zayed Al Afzal needs to earn his people’s allegiance. And that means the one thing this wicked playboy’s always avoided — marriage! His viziers may have a bevy of beautiful options but when Zayed meets exquisite Nadia Amani he makes a choice that’s all his own.
Now, with the wedding contract signed and sealed, Zayed learns the shocking truth — Nadia’s his enemy’s daughter! But in the dark desert nights Zayed’s desire for his princess intensifies and anger gives way to a sensual hunger that begs to be satisfied…
Beautiful, free-spirited Remy Draycott doesn’t believe in happy-ever-afters. A former child prodigy, she’s finally shaken free of the world’s expectations and is determined to live for the moment — including one scorching, unforgettable night with handsome stranger Bo Tessier!
Billionaire wine magnate, Bo Tessier, never expected to see Remy again — their mind-blowing night together had felt like playing with fire, except this time he wanted to get burned! But six weeks later, Remy returns. She’s pregnant — with twins! And this time, he can’t let her go so easily…
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