Caitlin Crews,Lynne Graham,Tara Pammi,Susanna Carr

Modern Romance February 2016 Editor's Choice

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{"strong"=>["The M&B editors bring you the very best Modern Romance stories for February 2016. Allow yourself to be swept away by these four dashing, commanding heroes!"]}
Leonetti’s Housekeeper Bride by Lynne Graham
When Gaetano Leonetti’s grandfather commands him to find an ordinary woman to wed, he sets about proving him wrong with unsuitable housekeeper Poppy Arnold. But instead Gaetano finds himself bound to an innocent bride he sinfully craves!
The Sheikh’s Pregnant Prisoner by Tara Pammi
Bound by honour, Sheikh Zafir’s one indulgence was his whirlwind affair with Lauren. But when he finds out she’s carrying his child, Zafir imprisons Lauren in his palace. His heir will not be illegitimate, so now he must make Lauren his wife!
Castelli’s Virgin Widow by Caitlin Crews
Luca Castelli doesn’t believe his late father’s pretty young widow Kathryn is as sweet as she looks. But when the terms of the will force Luca to become her boss, hatred is replaced by lust… Until one night, Luca discovers innocent Kathryn belongs to him alone!
Illicit Night with the Greek by Susanna Carr
Convinced that troublemaker Jodie has come to Athens to jeopardise a business deal, Stergios Antoniou makes her his prisoner. Jodie finds herself a slave to their destructive desire once more, and she leaves his private island with more than just memories…
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