Michael Lewis

Dad's Special Loving Daughters

This book is intended to praise my 4 daughters. I helped raise them back 39 years
when the first one was born. There was no pressure for me to write poems for them,
but special times each year I wrote each one a loving poem. It included their birthday,
Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. There also were awards they earned
in school and college graduations.

I wrote 500 poems over the past 39 years for my 4 daughters. I gave each one of them
a poem in a card and kept a copy of it in a file in my office. I never had an official plan
for doing anything with them. But after Jesus called me to write a book on His
blessings, I got the message from Him to also publish this book. I went through their
500 poems and picked out the best 100 poems to include in this book. I think fathers,
mothers, and daughters will find these poems to offer proud and wonderful feelings.

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