Dan Desmarques

Codex Illuminatus

Codex Illuminatus, or “The Life List of Codes for the Enlightened ones” presents you with a collection of more than 400 quotes and sayings formulated by the author himself based on his life experience.
The purpose of this information consists in accelerating the moral, intellectual and spiritual advancement of those who access it, by helping them in gaining more abundance and happiness.
These truths were formulated based on well-known practices, the laws of sacred geometry, fortunetelling and cosmology, and are parallel with the author’s experience of over twenty years in occultism and mysticism. And so, it is indeed intended for a pragmatic use, for it fills the reader with a wider and more profound perspective of reality, which allows seeing the many layers hidden beneath the surface.
Dan Desmarques is a well-known mystic, occultist, poet, novelist, entrepreneur, business consultant, martial artist, musician, and author of more than one hundred Amazon Bestsellers. He has also been formally recognized by Amazon as one of its most popular authors, having some of his books on the best selling charts for more than eight years in a row, including at number one. His readers, most of whom are doctors, nurses, therapists, coaches, artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, and members of different religious congregations and faiths, as well as secret societies, are known for their outstanding results in many areas of life, from health and relationships to management and finance.
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