Clare Connelly,Stefanie London,J. Margot Critch,Rachael Stewart

The Dare Collection September 2020

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{"strong"=>["Introduce yourself to Mills & Boon’s sexiest series yet! "]}
Harden My Hart
Clare Connelly
{"em"=>["Holden Hart loves breaking the rules…"]}
And Cora Andersson can't seem to resist him. This hotter-than-Hades billionaire lives in his own private underworld of self-destruction, but their bodies hunger for each other and his touch sears Cora’s skin. Now, there's nothing more dangerous than a broken Hart…
Losing Control
Rachael Stewart
{"em"=>["She watched Cain O’Connor walk away…"]}
A family feud forced Cain to leave the woman of his dreams: Alexa. Now he’s returned to find her leading the family business…and the chemistry between them is still scorching. Those sparks reignite their electrifying connection, but can they ever trust each other again?
The Rebound
Stefanie London
{"em"=>["Runaway bride on the rebound! "]}
Bolting from the wedding isn’t part of Presley Richardson’s plan… Neither is Sebastian Foster, her perfect getaway driver. Seducing Sebastian is a bad idea…but Presley’s done with being the good girl. Soon they're exploring Melbourne’s exclusive clubs—and the wild passion between them is just the beginning…
As You Crave It
J. Margot Critch
{"em"=>["Is he too much of a good thing?"]}
Gorgeous commitmentphobe Quin Rexford used to be Celia Evans's best friend—until he shattered her heart. Now, years later, ‘just friends’ has morphed into ‘all the naughty benefits’. Celia can't afford to fall for Quin again. But can she enjoy him without losing herself?
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