Maggie Conway

Summer at West Sands Guest House

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Molly Adams is ready to head to West Sands.
Praise for Winter at West Sands Guest House…
Molly Adams is in need of a change. She hates her job, dislikes her house and now her husband’s left her. But an opportunity to head to West Sands Guest House could be just what she needs.
Packing her bags and heading to the east coast of Scotland for a few weeks is the perfect remedy for her broken heart, especially when she comes face to face with the dashing Tom Kennedy, resident pro-golfer and all-round dreamboat.
Molly and Tom may have a spark but both have pasts to overcome, and time is running out before Molly has to head back to the life she left behind.
{"strong"=>["Will they be able to fall in love this summer?"]}
‘A great Christmas read.’ Grace at Good’n’Ready-y
‘Pick this wonderful book up’ Amazon Customer
‘It was heartwarming’ BananaTricky
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