Nick Griffiths

In The Footsteps Of Harrison Dextrose

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It was my 18th birthday when I chanced upon Harrison Dextrose's The Lost Incompetent: a Bible for the Inept Traveller, little knowing that it would one day lead me to kill a man with a dead penguin… Inspired by explorer Harrison Dextrose's book a curmudgeonly account of travels through unfashionable lands in search of a lost drinking partner and Suzy Goodenough's carnal delights as the prize, Alexander Grey rolls off his sofa to follow in the acclaimed man s footsteps. This is no usual travel text, involving poodle-farming, the Frihedhag sisters, wilful consumerism, an unwanted but undaunted sidekick, one too many rodents and the 24-hour Iditamush sled race, starring a sausage dog. And along the way, Alexander may, or may not, help to save the world. It's that kind of a trip.
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