CJ Verburg


“I loved Zapped . .. Good writing with humour and a dab of irony . . . had me hooked right from the opening chapter.” —Jenni Buhr, Goodreads review

“Verburg is a must for fans of the ‘smart cozy’. . . a wonderful cast of characters I hope to meet again soon.” —Sandra J. McGibbon, Amazon review 

A posh waterfront lawn party. To inventor Pam Nash, it’s the perfect VIP launch for Zappa, her new “Taser for pacifists.” To Pam's daughter Ashley, it’s the perfect way to celebrate turning 21—and lose whoever's been texting her death threats. To Haggis Mack, the rock bagpiper Ashley's divorcing, it's one last shot. To soup-chef Lydia Vivaldi and her Wampanoag partner Mudge Miles, it's a catering offer they can't refuse. Even Cape Cod's famous artist-author Edgar Rowdey joins the party.

Sunshine and seafood, champagne and cake, military brass and venture capitalists—what could go wrong?

Lydia spots the grim answer floating face down beside the Nashes' dock. Did Ashley’s stalker hit the wrong target? Is her childhood nanny lying about why she came back to Compass Point for her baby's birthday? And what happened to the Zappa launch guest who sailed here from D.C. but never showed up at the demo? As rumors, dark secrets, and violence ripple through their village, it's time for Edgar Rowdey to switch from spectator to sleuth.
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