Lost English, Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts

Lost English

Chris Roberts is a writer, librarian and London tour guide with a lifelong passion for the history of words.
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– the famous diamond-trading district near Holborn in London – and is described
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After these come verbs and adjectives, with conjunctions and prepositions developing fastest of all.
From the speed of a word’s or a phrase’s evolution can be calculated its half-life; basically, the faster one arrives, the faster it leaves. This is good news if one wants to see the back of irritating modern terms; ‘homer’ and ‘hardworking families’ could die out tomorrow and it wouldn’t be a moment too soon. However, it will be a shame if the deeply useful ‘telly-clapping’ doesn’t get a decent innings:
Telly clapping: Phenomenon whereby television viewers of a live sporting or other event applaud, shout and even chant as if their behaviour could possibly have any impact on the contests shown great distances away, when actually they are effectively applauding the medium through which it appears.
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To everyone who helped, which is pretty much everyone – so thanks.

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