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Snapper Trapper

a Story about a regular human from another planet who by accident, gets infected with molecules that allows his body to have super powers. ( Written and created in South Africa )

The Snapper Trapper™ comic book series will get your mind all wondering and your imagination all exploding with things that you never really thought could ever be possible. This comic book series has got it all. There's strange looking aliens that you've never ever seen before or thought was even possible, then there's all the futuristic gadgets and inventions that could possibly be invented in the near future. ( Who knows?) This comic is created with the idea to make you ( the reader ), wonder if there is humans,aliens or creatures on other planets. And the creator really took the effort and went out of his way to create and illustrate all these possibilities and more… Never will you ever see a graphic novel like this one, that will really let you wonder about things out there in the infinite universes. Naden Trapper who is later known as Snapper Trapper™, tells the story of a regular human ( just like you and I ) who is from another planet that is almost similar to planet Earth. But what makes Snapper Trapper™ different is that he gains some special abilities or super human powers by mistake when he goes with his friend to visit a Technology Expo. You will just have to read this awesome fiction graphic novel to find out what happens next in this action fantasy and comedy comic book series…
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