Carol Ericson

Single Father Sheriff

An unsolved case once tore this sheriff’s town apart. Now it’s about to destroy his life in this riveting thriller—first in the Target: Timberline series.
When two children go missing, every parent’s worst fear becomes Sheriff Cooper Sloane’s reality. The single father doesn’t have a minute to waste and only a single lead: Kendall Rush, a woman who survived a similar abduction twenty-five years ago. Her twin sister was not so lucky.
Kendall’s return to Timberline has stirred up a lot of town chatter. Despite her tragic past, Cooper is more than willing to play the bad guy to get her to remember any tiny detail that could help. But he can’t prepare himself for her vulnerability, or determination. As the kidnapper’s taunts turn horrific, Cooper and Kendall must stop this sick game before it hits even closer to home . . .
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