The Princess and the Goblin, George MacDonald
George MacDonald

The Princess and the Goblin

The Princess and the Goblin is a children’s fantasy novel in the vein of the best classic fairy tales. The simple narrative follows Princess Irene as she discovers a ghostly relative living in a castle tower only she can access. During a walk outside one day, she encounters the threat of the lair of goblins living near the castle — and meets a new friend, a young miner named Curdie. She and Curdie must stop the goblin threat before they can carry out their evil plot.
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The Princess and the Goblin, George MacDonald
The Princess and the Goblin, George MacDonald



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Not to be be­lieved does not at all agree with prin­cesses: for a real prin­cess can­not tell a lie. So all the af­ter­noon she did not speak a word. Only when the nurse spoke to her, she answered her, for a real prin­cess is never rude—even when she does well to be of­fen­ded.
Kim Jongin
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Her face was fair and pretty, with eyes like two bits of night sky, each with a star dis­solved in the blue. Those eyes you would have thought must have known they came from there, so of­ten were they turned up in that dir­ec­tion. The ceil­ing of her nurs­ery was blue, with stars in it, as like the sky as they could make it. But I doubt if ever she saw the real sky with the stars in it, for a reason which I had bet­ter men­tion at once.

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MidnightLunacompartió una citahace 3 años
There was no invention, they said, of the most lawless imagination expressed by pen or pencil, that could surpass the extravagance of their appearance.

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