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Vegetarian Cooking

No meat and simply delicious!
Vegetarian cuisine is not only healthy but tasty and full of variety. This book is full of wonderful recipes for meat-free dishes that are easy to prepare and cook. Yummy vegetables, tofu and Mediterranean pasta are only a part of vegetarian cuisine. Salads and soups, pasta and potatoes, vegetable dishes and meals with pulses – there is something on the menu for everyone, not just vegetarians.

Here is a selection of what's on offer:
– Italian bread salad
– Pumpkin soup with Parmesan
– Tabbouleh
– Falafel
– Pancakes stuffed with ricotta
– Red cabbage and goat's cheese quiche

Our recipe ideas make meat, fish and sausage dishes a distant memory. Cooking is child's play with our vegetarian recipes!
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