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Jennifer Bernard

The Rebound

This summer at Lake Bittersweet is going to be a scorcher…

Firefighter Jason Mosedale doesn’t take anything seriously except fires—not even himself.  With his lighthearted approach to everything from dating to raising his teenage sister, he loves his life just how it is.  But if he wants to catch the attention of gorgeous Kendra, he’s going to have to break out of his comfort zone and prove that he’s more than the charming town heartthrob.

Kendra Carter has always been an overachiever, which is why losing her business and her boyfriend in one swoop was so soul crushing. Now she’s back home in good old Lake Bittersweet, running her father’s restaurant and licking her wounds. If she isn’t the big success everyone expects, who is she? Maybe what she needs is a sexy distraction in the form of a gorgeous fireman--even if she could never take Jason seriously.

So what if they’re both on the rebound? As long as they agree it’s just for now, not forever, no one will get hurt.

Between toxic exes, heroic rescues, and a teenager’s secret, who has time for romance anyway? But that’s the thing about a rebound…you never know where it’s going to end up.
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