Nancy Roberts

Civil War Ghost Stories & Legends

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The “First Lady of American Folklore” explores the supernatural side of the Civil War with chilling tales of spectral soldiers and haunted battlefields.
Few events have sparked more legends and stories of the supernatural than America’s Civil War. The accounts of gallantry and heroism have spread far and wide. Nancy Roberts grew up listening to her father’s stories of the War Between the States and she trekked over many battle sites with him during her childhood.
After reading about General Joshua Chamberlain’s supernatural experience at the Battle of Gettysburg, Roberts began to collect tales of the blue and gray and write them down. In her latest collection, readers visit such famous Civil War sites as Fredericksburg, Antietam, Johnson’s Island, Andersonville, Fort Davis, Gaines Mill, Gettysburg, Fort Monroe, Harpers Ferry, Vicksburg, Richmond, Charleston, New Bern, and Petersburg. Through these stories, the readers will hear the voices of those brave individuals who lived through that dramatic era; visit with Brigadier General J. E. B. Stuart on the banks of the Chickahominy River, learn the real story about John Brown’s activities at Harpers Ferry, and watch the passing of Abraham Lincoln’s funeral train.
Praise for Nancy Roberts
“Just about everybody likes a good ghost story. And ghost hunter/author Nancy Roberts has put together as shivery a selection of other worldly tales as you’re likely to find anywhere . . . And whether you believe in ghosts or not, these tales are guaranteed to give you a chill, especially before you go into a dark room alone.” —Southern Living
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