David Hoffman

Heroes of Spirit

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“Some rely upon chariots and some upon horses, but as for us, upon the Name of the Lord, our G-d, we call.”

Time and again, history has repeated itself for the Jewish people – with Nazi Germany being the prime example. The truncheon-wielding sadistic German soldiers appeared to be in their heyday as they beat their hapless victims into utter subservience. Yet the indomitable Jewish spirit, drawing its strength from the mightiest Source, refused to be crushed.

Heroes of Spirit is an outstanding collection of stories that portrays the splendor of the Jewish nation, even during the black times of the Holocaust. Each story depicts a different Jewish leader – whether Chassidic, Sephardic or rabbis of Lithuanian and even American descent – or another great personality, whose actions lifted the status of mankind in an otherwise corrupt and hate-filled world.

Be inspired as you read of the many Jews who lined up at the home of the Brisker Rav in the pre-dawn hours to recite a blessing on the Sukkot holiday, despite being driven away by German S.S. guards again and again.

Be moved by the account of how the Grand Rabbi of Bobov's special Zohar tune kept his chasid alive.

Be astonished by the miracles, both small and large, performed by a caring Father whose love for His children, although many times hidden, is always there.

Be proud of the legacy of the Jewish nation, as, well over half a century later, their German adversaries have long since perished, while the Jewish flame continues to shine brightly as ever.

As King David said: “They have bowed and fallen – but we have risen and stand firm.”
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