William Hall

World's Most Haunted House

In this unprecedented work, the story of the 1974 Bridgeport, Connecticut poltergeist is at last revealed. A crowd of more than 2,000 onlookers gathered. National media reported jumping furniture, floating refrigerators and attacking entities. Decades after the publicity quieted down, more than 40 hours of never-before released interviews with police officers, firefighters and others tell the story as it actually unfolded. Relive the experience, the terror, the rampant emotions and the unexplainable events that took place in that house as they happened. Have access to revealing excerpts from actual interviews, police reports and rare documents. Access unreleased audio, poltergeist sounds and an old radio broadcast. Return to 1974 and feel the Lindley Street experience from the inside. Find out why it is deemed the haunting that should have brought the paranormal into mainstream science.
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