Ann Harrison

Harrison Connections

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Harrison Connections is a compelling and detailed account of multiple after death communications by Tom Harrison (son of Minnie Harrison, physical materialisation medium) — a must read for anyone hoping to further understand this fascinating topic. Ann Harrison has given a personal and sincere account of her husband, Tom Harrison's after-death efforts to communicate with her and with his many friends over the four years since his transition. For forty-three years, Tom enthralled many people with his accounts of his mother's physical mediumship and was dedicated to helping people understand that we continue living after death and that we can communicate with the departed. There can be no doubt that he is intent on continuing his lifelong work from his new perspective. He has communicated in almost every way possible within mediumship; from trainee mediums to stage professionals and through the mediumship of several different physical mediums, via Direct voice, transfiguration and materialisation, showing that he is still very much active in spreading the gospel of survival.
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