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Hydrogen Peroxide Elixir

Hydrogen Peroxide It is chemically represented as H2o2 and is a mild and easy to use antiseptic that is used on the skin to prevent and treat infections that occurs from minor cuts, scrapes and burns

It is also used as a mouth wash to help get rid of mucus and help to treat extremely stubborn mouth irritation which can be as a result of cold sores or canker

It works by releasing oxygen when it is applied to the affected areas

The release of oxygen thus results in foaming which helps to remove dead skin and clean the affected areas

It is one of the most popular household disinfectants in the world and there are more uses of hydrogen peroxide than is known

It can also be used as a wonderful hair dye to give your hair a wonderful glow and prevent you from wasting hard earned money buying expensive hair dye

This guide will show you how to use hydrogen peroxide as well as what to avoid when using hydrogen peroxide

In addition, you will be shown online sites to buy genuine hydrogen peroxide

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