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Deborah Chester,Jay D.Blakeney

The Goda War

One man and one woman are locked in battle for control of a terrifying weapon . . . in this novel from the “masterful” national bestselling author (Extrapolations).
For eons, countless races have feared the godas—planet-sized doomsday machines that could destroy all time and space. But no one has ever dared unleash their awesome powers.
Until now.
Brock, dire-lord of the Held, is the only man alive who knows where the godas are hidden. As his empire crumbles, he vows to activate the godas—no matter what the cost.
But Brock has a rival: Col. Kezi Falmah-Al of the ruthless Colonids. She too seeks the godas, to further her dreams of conquest. So begins the Goda War.
Now, not even the stars are safe . . .
Originally published under the name Jay D. Blakeney
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