Max Heindel

Ancient and Modern Initiation

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In ancient temples, a way of spiritual unfolding was taught that came to be called the “mysteries.” Students of the mysteries were given intensive instruction and training that culminated in “tests” known as initiations. An initiation was an opportunity to demonstrate personal mastery in an area of life. The experience led to an expansion of consciousness, heightened ability, confidence and power. The student learned that life was governed by law—cause and effect being an essential principle. Participation in the mysteries led to comprehensive life mastery, and a series of breakthroughs culminating in the realization that the spirit within is immortal and indestructible. Students learned that the source of life is within, and this inner reservoir of strength is inexhaustible. In the advanced stages of the mysteries, initiates learned through experience that there exist no circumstances in which the spirit may not triumph; even death is an illusion.
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