Mike Campbell,Sheena Chen

Chinese Mandarin Fluency 3: Glossika Mass Sentences

For serious language learners who need lots of training to reach fluency.
This course is recommended as a supplement to your other studies. We give you Mass Sentence training, but we won't spend any time on explanation or grammar. What we do give you is authentic language use by native speakers, building up sentence structures as you go. What we do give you is exposure and hours of audio training (available from Audible).
The complete course includes a book and separate audio materials (not available with this book). These are available to purchase separately in paperback, ebook and MP3 format.
The complete course includes:
• Ebook or Paperback: 1000 bilingual sentences with pronunciation guide (Amazon, Kindle, Nook)
• GMS Audio: 20 tracks of recordings x 3 formats (Audible, iTunes, glossika.com)
• GSR Audio: 104 tracks of spaced repetition and review, used as one track per day (Audible, iTunes, glossika.com)
• Listen to sample sentences: www.glossika.com

• If you already have the basics in this language, you can always skip around to anywhere within the product and practice and focus on the parts you actually need.
• Lots of repetition of key sentence components and vocabulary.
• Introduces how to render foreign names and placenames.
• All sentences are bilingual in format, including native script, romanization, and IPA (in phonetic--not phonemic--spoken form).
• Level of formality is informal throughout, and formal where appropriate.
• Audio bundled at Audible, or sold separately from www.glossika.com.
• Fluency 3:Verbals (Gerunds, Infinitives), Modals, Adjectives + Verbs, Prepositions + Verbs, Reflexives, Adjectives and Adverbs, Conjunctions and Prepositions, Verbs + Prepositions

• If you're serious about getting fluent in 3 months, follow our intensive schedule to finish Fluency 1–3 in 3 months.
• Training of 1000 sentences, cumulatively surpassing much more than 2000 vocabulary words, but always used in context and collocations.
• All of our fonts including IPA and foreign scripts are embedded. Kindle 3 and above support embedded scripts.

• This is not a grammar book. There are no grammar notes.
• Pronunciation guide included. (IPA included)
• Not recommended for casual learners as you will burn out.
• This is not a casual course you take before a trip. However you can brush up on a language you have previously studied.
• If you're looking for a “Travel Conversation or Survival Guide”, we recommend our Travel Fluency Module!”
• All learners will feel the speed is pretty fast, however we reassure you that all of our recordings are spoken neither fast nor slow, but at a typical speed for native speakers. If your playback has a speed control, then you are free to slow down or speed up the recordings as you see fit. This is why the Glossika Spaced Repetition (GSR) files will be the most useful. With practice, as you get more and more used to the pronunciation and speed, you will be able to also speak and respond at the same speed and intonation. If you follow our guidelines for practice, you will achieve effective results.
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