K.G. Miles,Ed Newman,Marc Percansky,Paul Metsa

Bob Dylan in Minnesota

For Bob Dylan enthusiasts and anyone with an interest in the early life, places and roots of Bob Dylan.
Bob Dylan was born in Duluth, Minnesota, grew up in nearby Hibbing, and cut his musical teeth in the folk scene of Dinkytown.
This travel guide brings together wonderful stories from these key locations and the roots and early life of Bob Dylan.
We also introduce you to four great contributors who live in Dylan's homeland and play an active part in promoting everything Dylan. Ed Newman — writer, artist and promoter of the Duluth Dylan Fest and lives in Duluth. Marc Percansky — concert, music and event promoter based in the Minneapolis Saint Paul. Matt Steichen — journalist, publicist, presenter and big Dylan fan living in Lakeville. And Paul Metsa — musician, songwriter, author, radio and TV host. The Huffington Post called him, 'The other great folksinger from Minnesota's Mesabi Iron Range.'
We travel back in time to hear stories from his early teacher, tales of the mysterious wandering rabbi, eye-witness accounts from early Dinkytown musical collaborators, as well as being privy to secrets from behind the scenes of the classic 'Blood On The Tracks' album.
Fascinating insights into the early life of one of the most important songwriters in music history — and told with Minnesota voices.
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