Patricia Moyes

Murder À La Mode

The renowned British author of Death on the Agenda delivers a “stunning finish with a return-from-the-dead trap. Very lively and zestful” (Observer).
No question, one of the real delights of this series is all the early-1960s clotheshorses who go traipsing through the pages, and this time around, they’re front and center. Moyes in fact worked as an editor at British Vogue, and her familiarity with the London fashion scene is put to good use in this tale of Style magazine, feverishly consumed with the upcoming Paris shows, and in fact so focused on hemlines and handbags and haircuts—oh my!—that they don’t really notice that a member of the staff is looking a little under the weather. A little six feet under, in fact. Enter Inspector Tibbett, who knows very little about fashion, but quite a lot about solving crime.
Praise for Patricia Moyes
“The author who put the ‘who’ back in whodunit.” —Chicago Daily News
“A new queen of crime . . . her name can be mentioned in the same breath as Agatha Christie and Ngaio Marsh.” —Daily Herald
“An excellent detective novel in the best British tradition. Superbly handled.” —Columbus Dispatch
“Intricate plots, ingenious murders, and skillfully drawn, often hilarious, characters distinguish Patricia Moyes’ writing.” —Mystery Scene
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