Arian Wulf

Kidnapping The Wrong Werewolf

Kira's younger sister is about to ruin her life by running off with a married man. As her responsible and practical older sister, it is decided that Kira be the one to do something about it. The answer, she decides, is to kidnap the man in question. This shouldn't be too hard, seeing as she's a Werecat, known for their stealth and quick wit.

Unfortunately, Kira kidnaps the wrong man… and the tables are turned when she finds herself in the power of a very angry Alpha Werewolf, Damien Hunter, who declares that if she doesn't want to be handed over to the Shifter Authorities on a serious charge, she better do as he says and marry him.

Faced with an alternative of a life in prison, Kira has no choice by to agree, but what kind of man decides to marry his kidnapper? What terrible secret is he hiding? And there's still the matter of the man that her sister is adamant on running away with!

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Her heart gives a great lurch. “You're not Travis?” she asks again, her voice dropping low and turning meek.

“No,” he reassures her. “And I suppose you aren't Danni?”

She shakes her head.

“What a mess we've found ourselves in, then,” he chuckles.

She should have suspected something was off with the man from the start. He had been too calm in the circumstances and while she thought he was being practical, he was just bidding his time until he could turn the tables on her and knock her out, which he had done quite easily. “Can you please release me?” she asks in a small voice, feeling very silly for everything she's done.

He shrugs. “I'm afraid you've complicated matters too much for me to simply let you go now,” he says.

“What? But— but I haven't done anything at all,” she says and falters at the look he gives her. She did attempt to kidnap him, she supposes, but it was for a good cause. “I— It's all just a misunderstanding. And you still haven't told me what you're doing in Travis's car? And who you are! And why have you gotten me tied up!”

“One question at a time,” he says with frustrating calmness. “At first, I thought you must be Danni and you have gotten tired of playing second string to his legitimate wife…” he trails off ominously, leaving her to fill in the blanks.

She frowns when it clicks. He thought Danni would threaten him and bring him to a remote place to get rid of him? “You think Danni would be vindictive enough to try and hurt Travis? You must be insane. Danni's eighteen!”

“Teenagers can be vicious,” he shrugs, but his expression hardens. “But I was not informed of her age. I will be sure to take that into account when we decide what to do with Travis. Back to our conundrum,” he sits beside her, the bed dipping due to his weight. “When it's clear that you aren't Danni, I began to suspect that you are a part of another Werewolf pack sent to capture me. But the effort you had gone through to hide your scent tells me you must be a shifter too and you do not want to be identified and I thought perhaps you are someone in my own pack, wanting to usurp my position.”

She shakes her head.

“Yes, those ideas are dismissed when I saw these.”

She flinches away when he reaches towards her with one large hand and captures her ear.

“Lovely little things, aren't they?” he chuckles, rubbing the soft velvety tip of her cat ear.
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