The Book Revolution: How the Book Industry is Changing & What Should Publishers, Authors and Distributors Know about Trends Driving the Future of Publishing, Samuel River
Samuel River

The Book Revolution: How the Book Industry is Changing & What Should Publishers, Authors and Distributors Know about Trends Driving the Future of Publishing

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The book industry is changing extremely fast. Publishers, distributors and authors are now trying to catch up with the trends, studying them, understanding them, and making as much profit as possible. However, the vast majority, despite their efforts, despite the opportunities being provided, is still very far from achieving ideal goals. Most writers still can’t make a living from books, not even a few dollars, and making a book free isn’t anymore a guarantee of an efficient marketing campaign. On the other hand, despite what is told about ebooks being a great and increasing profitable business, many new companies bankrupt as fast as they appear in the market, and many others still can’t profit enough from ebooks. In other words, nothing is what it seems or is being told, and many famous writers are not making a living from their books, or at least not for too long.

In this book I’ll show you exactly why these things happen, and how anyone could make a living from books. It was written based on a personal experience as a writer and publisher, and considering the fact that, against all odds, I’ve been increasing revenue every month and for the past three years, while making a living exclusively and only from books. As a matter of fact, the reason why I reveal these secrets for the first time, many of them already shared and applied by companies that decided to follow my suggestions and recommendations given in interviews, therefore improving themselves one step further, is because I believe that, if more companies and writers apply what I write here, the world can truly improve towards a better direction for everyone and faster, and also make me personally much richer at the same time by default. I do believe in cooperation and synergy, and I also believe that competition, rivalry and selfishness are what’s leading everyone in the book industry to their own doom and failure. And so, I truly hope that this book can help everyone, reading it and needing this information, take the industry into a completely new level, and from which not only us but also humanity can tremendously benefit.
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Оксана Гончарова
Оксана Гончароваcompartió una citahace 2 años
If ebooks can be sold for less than a dollar, knowledge isn’t being valued, or at least not as much as dog food or plastic bags. Thanks to the educational system, knowledge actually has no value in our modern society. Degrees and certifications have replaced the true value that knowledge once had and, as a consequence, people aren’t reading as much as they should, and especially to obtain solutions to any of their life’s problems or to increase their ability to think efficiently.

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