James Goode

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Do you suffer from depression? Did you suffer from a distressing childhood? I am here to tell you, my friend, that you are not alone. You try to catch yourself before you slip but you realize it is too late. I have a long history of depression, and nothing has helped me. As I got older, I had to face it on my own. I learned that I had to start living for myself alone and say no to depression. Figuring myself out and how to treat depression, I caught HIV. It triggered my depression to the extent that I isolated myself in the house for six months and lost everything! During the time I had with myself, I got to know who I really was. I developed a relationship with God and realized everything was on his time for a reason. I had to find peace within myself to help me cope with my depression. I started writing my feelings out about my life and where it all began. My life has tormented me so much that at times I forget who I am. But I can say I fight every day and admit to what I suffer from, so I can feel comfortable with myself. We all have our problems but never let your problems define who you are as a person. You are loved and you are somebody.
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